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Advice for drilling screw holes in white marble wall tiles


I want to drill some holes into the wall of our new bathroom refit to affix some glass shelves and toilet roll holder. I have some spare off-cut tiles that I've been practicing on today as I've never drilled into marble before but it hasn't gone well.

I have a black and decker drill that I got from Robert Dyas that came with various drill bits. I tried the masonry bit as that's what the Web seems to recommend but I could hardly get a hole started, even with masking tape. Got one hole done with a "normal" drill bit but it must be blunt now cause I can't do another with it.

So I'm wondering if there is something wrong with my technique? Or if the bits that came with the drill are just weak and poor quality for the job? Any suggestions?

Thanks, J.

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it is possible to drill into a tile with a masonry bit but as you have found it will get blunt very quickly and may break your tile. there are dedicated tile drills which work better, one is a glass/tile drill which is 'v' shaped and there is another drill which looks like a masonry drill but its blue in colour both of which must be cooled with water either directly when drilling(this can be quite difficult when drilling horizontally) or cooled frequently in a cup of water. the latter is much better because they last longer and should be available in most hardware stores or builders merchants


Answered 17th Sep 2012

Yes its the drill bit if they came with the drill then they might be cheap bits go to youre local tile stockist and ask for a porcelain tile bit you find these bits easy to drill with.


Answered 17th Sep 2012

Hello there.
Go to your local topps tiles or tile giant they have drill bits there that are good for a reasonable price just tell them the size you need.
the drill bits come complete with a water well for cooling the drill bit just follow the instructions that come with it you won't go far wrong.
Hope this helps


Answered 17th Sep 2012

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