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Noisy radiator in morning

One radiator makes a rapid clicking noise when coming on in the morning. Recently decorated and radiator off the wall, no noise. Radiator back on the wall but off due to a leak, noise is back

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A clicking radiator is quite normal, as the sound is caused by the metal expanding and contracting. If the radiator is quite old, it may help to get a newer model that could make less noise.


Answered 17th Mar 2022

You'll often hear this when your heating first comes on in the morning or evening and it should be considered perfectly normal rather than anything that requires attention. This creaking is the sound of hot water coming into contact with the cold metal of the radiator


Answered 17th Mar 2022

Plasic clips missing on Radiator brackets after it has been put back on the wall after the decorators have finished. Also we have had this when the tails are to tight through or under the holes in a wooden floor and the noise is expansion. Nothing to worry about and you certainly do not need a new radiator or pipework.


Answered 25th Mar 2022

It's usually down to the plastic clips on the brackets not being installed. As the rad heats up it expands and moves on the brackets making the ticking noise


Answered 30th Mar 2022

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