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How to get water to the garden from 1st floor flat?

I'm thinking of buying a property which is converted house, 1st floor, it comes with a 'garden', but I need to access it by passing 2 neighbours' at the front and then via a side road (I believe this is terrence house).

For the upstair flats, all need to access the gardens this way, I saw some neighbours use the space as a garage, it might actually was the garage originally. I want to use it as a garden, how can I get the water from the 1st floor flat? Can I get electricity as well?

Thank you very much.

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Your question is quite hard to understand, but if I can I will try to answer, with regards to the water issue if Im right that you are saying both neighbours gardens have garages in them maybe ask their permission to connect to the roof guttering and run a downpipe into water butts to catch any falling rain from the roves, with regards to electricity you may be able to run an armoured cable above or below ground connected to an external power socket but you will also need to seek permission from crossing properties also may need to contact your local council offices to see what their regulations are hope this helps


Answered 13th Sep 2012

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