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Gravel board courtesy or legal requirement for which direction to face smooth side?

I have recently had a brand new top quality fence erected on a boundary with a neighbour, bearing full cost myself. We matched up the panels to the existing fence in their garden, so it looked nice for them. We faced the gravel boards with the smooth brick effect side to them, so it matched. We matched the fence panel height to their existing fence which is a boundary with another neighbour. Over a separate issue, the neighbour has been remarkably unreasonable and discourteous. For all of our boundary fencing, this is the only section with the gravel boards facing in reverse. What I need to know is whether it is only courtesy or a legal requirement to have the gravel board facing them. I did it our of courtesy but having had none returned, I feel that I should reverse them to improve the look of my garden. Your opinion would be appreciated. Many thanks

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Well I know of no written requirements at all. If I paid for the full fence, they should be grateful that there is one!!!!! Never mind choose what side they want !! Tell them to shut up or pay up! They had no issue with u paying I guess???


Answered 13th Sep 2012

if I was paying for the work I would have the good side facing me, regards Terry.


Answered 12th Sep 2012

I agree with other comments.


Answered 24th Nov 2012

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