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Bad tiling job?

I am having a shower tiled right now. he has just done that back wall and coming back today. at first glance it looks great. but then when you look closer you see that every tile he cut looks awful. i understand that in the corners will be covered of when the new wall comes in. but i am afraid if non of these tiles are cut nicely the visible edges won't be either. corners are chipped (which will be seen) and he didn't do a good job detailing around our cut out. in fact he originally told me he would tile inside the cut out first so that he can tile around it and hide the cut edges. well he did the wall first instead of the cut out so now you will be able to see all of the unfinished edges.

i am not sure if i am over reacting but i am afraid he is going to blow through all of my tile and or it is going to look horrible. he came highly reccomended from a friend. if he was having trouble cutting the tile shouldn't he have called me to talk to me about it instead of just installing it?

i don't know what to do. do i let him finish. do i stop him and pay him for work rendered? i would be glad to send pics but i don't know how. do i ask him to pull up all the bad pieces (that will be seen) and redo it? at his expense?

overall it looks like a badly done diy project when i iam paying someone to do it.

thanks in advance for your help. hopefully you can respond soon as i have to tell him in a few hours what i think.

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If your not happy with the chip tiles have him replace them it no hard ship at this stage, not happy with the finish job you can refuse to pay him.
not happy with your mate for recommending him.( av'e a word)


Answered 12th Sep 2012

if you are not happy you should not proceed as you will se this everytime you use the bathroom, regards Terry.


Answered 12th Sep 2012

ask the tiler to take of all the bad pieces and to put the tiler back on the wall and no you do not pay to the work is done


Answered 12th Sep 2012

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