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Should i have paid more for a better job?

We had tile slippage on roof. Employed a 'friend of friend' to retile whole roof for £3,000. Includes lead flashing around chimney and down two valleys on NW and SW sides. These leak when strong wind and rain from NW and SW. Builder came and 'made good' on NW valley after leak -think he added flashing and sealant. Seems ok now. Now has leak on SW valley and await his returned call. Where do I stand? I don't feel confident about my roof. I also know roof 'moved' a bit when old tiles removed as weight had been pulling roof- builder said he applied 'strapping' to correct this. I fear roof is not as it should be. Should I get a survey done. I don't know who to trust. Many thanks for your advice.
Thanks for your repy Alex. I was not aware of building regs etc and builder did not mention any such either.
I'm undecided what to do - I may ask a local roofing company to have a look for their opinion. Maybe I should choose a largish company who should be well regulated etc? I'm near Bath, so not near you, but thank you for offer to have a look. And thank you for your advice.

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sorry to hear you are unhappy with your roof,
if the roof has been done properly it should not leak even without the roof tiles in place,it is generally compulsory to get your roof checked by building regs when you remove over 25% of the roof covering but A have done roofs where the customer for varies reasons would prefer not to use building regs
Iam presuming building control where not involved as they would have signed of the job and told you if their was a problem.
you can either get a surveyor to look at your roof or you can post the job on the roofing section of this site and get a local roofing company round to check.
if you use the roofing section on the site make sure the roofer you pick has proper feed back .
you dont say what type of tiles are on the roof or which area you are from if you where local to me a would happilly check your roof for you.

you also dont say what type of property it is but its not really that much cheaper than a proper roofing company.
its a hassle but you have to give the original company a set time in which to rectify any mistakes after which you are then going to employ someone else to put right their mistakes then purue the original compamy for correcting their faults although you may end up out of pocket.

good luck alex


Answered 13th Sep 2012

The fee you've paid seems about right for a normal street house? Either way, it shouldn't be leaking. Did he not give you a guarantee with this? With any new roof we always give the customer a 10year guarantee - minimum.
I think you have to give the contractor 28 days to respond before you can do anything legally about this?
I hope you get sorted soon, the next roofer you choose, make sure he has good feedback.
M Davies


Answered 11th May 2015

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