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Problems extending soil pipe to reach the toilet outlet pipe

Please can anyone give me some pointers on this?
Busy fitting a new toilet, and the soil pipe comes out of the floor and has a big thick concrete collar around it .. which I don’t want to have to remove for fear of damage to the soil pipe altogether.
I removed the old fashioned toilet and fitting a back to wall and boxing in the cistern.
I’m reusing the old 90 degree connector because it just fits the soil pipe better and deeper than any new one I’ve tried, and the part meeting the toilet is the same length as any others. But, it isn’t long enough to reach the outlet pipe on the new toilet, which sits further forward than the old toilet. Can’t move the toilet any further back due to the concrete collar. I bought this particular toilet as it was the one that would fit further back than any others.
I bought two different brands/sizes of flexible connectors, but they don’t work as the natural maximum bend on both of them end up much higher than the toilet outlet.
Went to City Plumbing with my problem, and they advised that I use a straight rigid WC connector WC CON1 between the 90 degree connector and the toilet outlet.
Tried this, but it leaks when flushing .. not immediately .. but a small container catches water shortly afterwards. I’m suspecting that the water is sitting inside the straight connector, and then leaking. I’m also worried that “stuff!” won’t flush away using this method.
Also, the short straight connector has a thin plastic ring (with a break in it) inside where the black rubber seal is, I’ve just removed that .. and not sure of its purpose.
Can anyone advise if there is another way to tackle this problem?
Thanks so much.

Thanks so much for your reply.
I found some info on the thin plastic ring, and it seems it might be a specific design for MacAlpine. The ring doesn’t seem broken, but it’s not continuous, so presumably that’s the way it is, and it’s back inside the black seal. I’ll go to the hardware store and look at another one just to check they’re all the same.

I didn’t remove it to not use it, only noticed it when cleaning it, but the water seemed to be sitting in the bit just behind the black rubber seal part of the WC CON1 connector, and the actual leak seemed to come from where the CON1 joined to the original 90 degree pipe.

City Plumb advised me to insert the finned part into the 90 degree pipe which would extend it to reach the toilet, and that should work.
I thought there was a slight decline, but maybe it’s not sufficient.
The toilet is rimless and the short flush is pretty poor in my view, so I’m wondering if the flush isn’t powerful enough to push all the water through? Just a thought.

Meanwhile after a lot of Googling this morning, I came across a Multikwik Multilink MKL1.

I cannot see how to upload some photographs to give an idea of what I've got, however, I wonder if you've heard of or used the Multikwik .. I think that might be worth a try.
Thanks again

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You can get pan connector extensions


Answered 16th Feb 2022

Good afternoon brenda, The thin plastic ring you mention here is used to hold the rubber seal in place. You can find a replacement in most local hardware/general shops. Also you have stated that the Straight connector is leaking after use of the toilet, please ensure that the Straight connector has a gradual decline downwards as it exits the rear of the toilet, this ensures no liquids or solids can travel back up or sit in the pipe stated and flow away freely.

Thanks Dan


Answered 16th Feb 2022

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