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Will my cooker circuit be powerful enough for a 32 amp cooker

The cooker I would like to buy requires a 32 amp supply but I have no idea what my current cooker circuit supply is. There is nothing on my fuse box to suggest what I have already and I have no idea what my current cooker uses as it's too old to check the model.
Also, what size cable would I need to use?
Any guidance would be appreciated!

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Put a photo of your cu ( Fuseboard) on here


Answered 13th Feb 2022

If your existing hob is electric then is very likely to have a dedicated circuit which is usually a 6mm2 twin and earth flat cable and at the fuse board should be a 32/40 Apms circuit breaker. Also somewhere in the kitchen should de a cooker switch. In that case you can have your cooker easily replaced without additional works. Be aware that the work must be carried out by a qualified electrician as the circuit needs to be tested, ensure the protective device rated accordingly and the cooker isolator is in good condition.

However, I do recommend a pre-assessment prior Installation.


Answered 13th Feb 2022

The best option would be to have someone come out and check as even if it is on a 32a mcb there could be a undersized cable installed


Answered 14th Feb 2022

The maximum demand and diversity will dictate the conductor size for your cooker. The cooker is 32A, so you need a 32A minimum circuit breaker to start. You also need to consider power loss on the cable if it's a long run. If it's a new or upgrade circuit, it will be a notifiable electrical installation and you will need an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC).


Answered 14th Feb 2022

Update a photo of the cooker connection and consumer unit . You need 6mm cable with 32A circuit breaker and cooker switch.


Answered 14th Feb 2022

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