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Removal of internal breeze block wall

Anonymous user 20 January 2022 - 2.00 PM

Property I have bought has a 12m x 5m flat roof extension which is 2 years old. All the joists run from existing house wall/RSJ to the rear solid wall spanning 5m. Plans show they used easi-joists to make the 5m span. The wall I am removing runs the same direction as the joists with flat roof above so happy it’s non load bearing, it’s about 4.5m long. My question is what is the best way to start removal? Disc cutter down then SDS drill and chip away bit by bit?

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Anonymous user

make sure there isn't a trimmer beam sat on the wall this is rare but by taking away the plaster at the top you will see if anything is sat on it. if there's nothing it's holding up or taking any weight start from the top and work your way down makes it easier to get rid of and less mess and risk. ide start by hammer and bolster until you get a 1/4 of the way down then you can bring in the big tools. hope it helps


20 January 2022




28 January 2022


Jengis Fahri
Jengis Fahri
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Potters Bar

Given wall is determined to be non structural. I'd start from top and work your way down.


13 March 2022