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Building a brick wall off an existing garage wall

I recently built an extension off the back of my garage. All the walls are brick cavity and block except the wall off the garage which is just brick. Two questions. Can I build the brick wall on top of the screed floor? Or can I build it on top of the final floor layer with self levelling screed? all floor consists of hardcore, sand, concrete slab, insulation, screed, wet underfloor heating and final screed layer about 10mm.

Final question, wall ties need to be installed when building the wall so it can be placed in the wet mix. As one wall is already built I can't do this so how is the process done with one wall already built?

(Update) I assume I will not be able to build the wall on-top of the screed layer? It will not be load bearing. Thanks for the response O'connors.

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You can buy tie in strips. You basically hammer drill these to the existing wall and slide an L shaped bracket down on each course.
As long as the extension is not load bearing too much then the slab should be fine as long as it is part of the foundations for the property.
If not the. You will need to build a footing to handle the extra load.
Since the wall
Is not load bearing then I would recommend self leveling the floor then building your wall


Answered 3rd Jan 2022

Have you thought about a stud wall, you can insulate the stud wall and use insulated plabsterboard either side


Answered 16th Jan 2022

You definitely can't build on it of it's 10mm on top of underfloor heating. The weight of the wall will break the screed and the underfloor heating and only cause more problems. I suggest trying to get down to the concrete slab and building on that and build up throught the floor. Also tie in straps won't work if you have a 50mm cavity I suggest remidial ties which is just a metal twisted bar , you drill a hole and inject poxy resin into the hole and then inject the remidial into the resin and it should go solid within minutes. Hope this helps πŸ‘πŸ»


Answered 12th Jan 2022

Contact a building inspector


Answered 25th Jan 2022

Would put damp down and build straight from screed as for the ties get L brackets and plugs and screws only thing i would worry about is the weight on the slab seems like a bad idea with the underfloor heating if it was the electric mats then maybe.


Answered 21st Oct 2023

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