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Laying stones instead of bricks

I am looking at buying an old vicarage that is stone built in about 1890. The stone work is regular and the blocks as a general rule are about 18" by 9". I believe they are Sandstone.

There is quite a bit to do on the house, including reinstating two chimney stacks which have been taken off to roof level, so my question is this:

Do I need a stonemason or is this sort of thing easily handled by a bracklayer?

Apologies to any bricklayers that I may have offended, but I'm just trying to see whether the build cost will be substantially more than a "normal" project, allowing always for the fact that stone blocks will inevitably cost more than bricks.



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I would only use a builder with good experience of working with stone I have seen many stone jobs undertaken by inexperienced bricklayers which sadly just look wrong and finished off wrong ie dressing the stone when laying.


Answered 28th Aug 2012

Without any pictures,,I would have thought a bricklayer will be able to undertake the work required.


Answered 25th Aug 2012

Both trades would be fine for the job.


Answered 28th Aug 2012

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