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Questioni live in a 2 bedroom mid terrace house would combi boiler be best

would a combi boiler be better or conventional boiler and water tank be better and more efficient

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The pros to having a combi are instant hot water and they take up less space than a conventional system, they are especially suited to small properties.

They rely on the incoming pressure and flow of your water main and so this will need to be tested to see what kind of hot performance you could expect.

People often go for larger combis than what their heating demand would require, this is because the larger combis give a better hot water performance if the incoming is adequate ( you can only get out what you have going in)

With a conventional gravity system you have stored water if the supply should be interrupted and if you have a poor performance you can enhance it with a booster pump.

I hope this helps, their is more and this is just a brief outline the best thing to do would be to get an engineer in to do a static test and flow test.

Kind regards


Lambert Plumbing and Heating Ltd 21st Aug, 2012

low energy household a combi would be the right choice 24 kilowatt would be ample as well.kind regards tom clydebank p&h

clydebank plumbing and heating 30th Aug, 2012

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