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QuestionRelocating Consumer Unit

I am planning on installing a Velux balcony system on to a flat roof area but my Electrical consumer unit & meter is in the way. Can this be moved to a new location by a suitably qualified electrician or do I have to contact EDF my regional supplier. If I have to use EDF any idea of the cost?

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if the meter and consumer unit are positioned close to where the supply cables enter the building then your electricity supplier would have to move them because they would have to work "live" as there is no facility to isolate the supply without shutting down the network,unfotunately this could cost upwards of £1500,if you move the consumer unit you would have to get an electrician to move/extend the wiring at extra cost,regards Terry.

tm property services 21st Apr, 2011

Any competent electrician (Part P)can relocate the consumer unit for you, but the meter is the property of the supplier - EDF. They would have to get involved if the meter needs moving - something they would charge for. Hope this helps. Regards, Gresh.

Capital Rewire Limited 22nd Apr, 2011

Any part'P' approved local electrician will be able to help you. Just send this job for quotes.

V.A.Electrical services 21st Apr, 2011

you need to call an expert to have a look at the actual position of the main cable. Nothing can be said from an email.... regards, Cristian

Christian V Electrical LTD 21st Apr, 2011

If you wish to have the meter moved this has to be donw my you electrical provider. How ever if the its the DB you required moving then a qualified electrician can do this for

CW Electricals 22nd Apr, 2011

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