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Wall ties

I am building cavity wall useing standard bricks, I am filling cavity void with a lean mix concrete below ground level up to approx 450mm . When do I start installing wall ties?.

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Every six course up from the damp course and every four bricks along


Answered 13th Aug 2012

Hi Bernard_94,
To fully answer your question
Every 450mm high (6 Brick courses high)
Depending on cavity void width will determine how far apart your ties to be spaced.
For instance void is 50mm-75mm ties then 900mm apart (4 bricks long)
75mm-110mm every 750mm apart (3.25 bricks long)
And dont forget every 225mm high (3 bricks) at openings and keep between 150mm-225mm away from the opening jamb
Hope this helps BMG


Answered 21st Aug 2012

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