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Cover for 12 yard skip

I am currently doing a house clearance and require a cover for a 12 yard skip. the skip is already on my property and just need something to cover it when not in use.

Anyone know where i can source a cover..?

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Answered 10th Sep 2021

A tarpulin sheet would be more than sufficient, you can pick these up at most hardware stores, screwfix, toolstation or B&Q. Place over the skip and place something heavy on top to keep it secure.


Answered 10th Sep 2021

You will need an 8ft x 5ft mesh net with elasticated bungee edge to attach to skips luggs, net world sports do good ones 👍


Answered 10th Sep 2021

You can used a tarpaulin or heavy duty mesh.
Depending on size of skip.

Thanks Jason Anchor team


Answered 10th Sep 2021

Hi, it may have been easier to change the skip to a covered lockable skip, most suppliers have them.


Answered 16th Sep 2021

You can use anything from Tarpaulin to mesh sheets the best place I would look for them is screwfix, Travis Perkins , tool station and even B&Q big typically they will be cheaper at trade places but other than that if you haven’t already ordered your skip yet request a lockable incased skip to stop fly tippers


Answered 18th Oct 2021

Tarpaulin sheet and some bungee straps or rope to secure it


Answered 30th May 2022

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