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Change from old boiler with cylinder to a modern kombi without cylinder and water tank

Hi All,

I have an old boiler with cylinder which is situated inside the fire place/chimney with a gas radiator instead of a fire place.
To be more cost efficient I would like to change that to a Vaillant kombi boiler.
My budget is a maximum £2000 which includes the installation and a flush of the system.
My house is a three bedroom terraced house but knowing that a Vaillant can be fixed at even less then £2000 I would like to make full use of the budget and fix a top of the range Vaillant kombi boiler.

Can you please advice me which Vaillant I should go for?

Kind Regards


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I think £2000 may not be enough if you want to go for a vaillant.
A vaillant combi, standard flue and programmer will come to about £1250 so won't leave enough for labour.
You may need to up your budget by about £300-£500 depending on how much work is involved.
A vaillant ecotec 831 will give you the best flow on the dhw side, but the heating input will need to be reduced to probably 18kw on installation which will be done by the engineer as these are 30kw boilers.

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Answered 13th Aug 2012

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