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Removal of damp ceiling (asbestos artex) and replacement

We have bought a new house and water has leaked through the ceiling which is wet. The ceiling is artex and we have had an asbestos survey which confirmed asbestos was present in the artex. We will need to have the ceiling removed to allow it to dry out. Do I need to employ an abestos remover to do this? If not, who do I need to employ?

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It’s an easy answer yes you will need an asbestos remover, please don’t try to remover it yourself.
After the ceiling has been taken out. any good plasterer should be able to re-board & plasterer ceiling to nice smooth finish.
Asbestos is only a hazard when moved as the fibers come lose from the boards or plaster used. To over-board or re-paint any sound ceiling or walls which have asbestos in it, is fine. but in the case of your ceiling it needs to come down

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Answered 8th Aug 2012

Hi.what the previous plasterer said is 100% correct....Richard


Answered 10th Aug 2012

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