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Exterior render is cracking

We had our house fully rendered about 4 years ago. We now have 2 big cracks on each corner of the gable end. These cracks have been developing gradually over about 12 months, but only recently did anything fall off.

We had previously had a poor relationship with the builder who did the work, as it took many months of pestering to get him to come back to 'make good' an area that had also failed.

We asked a local tradesman to look at it for us, as we thought it was a simple job to fill the crack etc.... However, he has looked at it and said that (in his opinion) the whole gable end needs redoing, as the render is just crumbling away underneath the exterior coating.

We have therefore contacted the builder who did the work for us, and he has started off making excuses and delaying even coming to view the issue.

My query is - where do we stand ? Can we force our builder to come and repair the damage - whatever the solution is ? The work came with a 10 year guarantee, however we are struggling to find the documentation. I assume that there are consumer rights for this kind of thing ?

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the render will need taking off and re doing


Answered 13th Jan 2013



Answered 27th Apr 2018


not great news your rendering will need re-doing, The render on your house has cracked/blown due to a number of reasons, it could of been done in poor or bad weather, or not enough mechanical key. coated too thinly or dryed out too quickly

In my experience personally I would take it all off and start again its the best way to go, you must make sure that a good key is achieved in the scratch coat (1st coat of render is sound). a good mechanical key is achieved with use of sheet EML or metal lath (not cheap at all). or with a pre-bonded thick 1st key coat.

Also this scratch coat should contain a waterproofing in it and left to cure before 2nd coat render is even applyed.

sand/cement rendering will crack over time no matter what you do, painting you will also need a good micro porous item like sandtex paint, that lets the wall breathe that will stopping it from cracking and getting damp wich can ruin rendering work

finaly if the works came with a 10 year guarantee, try and find the documentation as i feel you just mite need it.

"sorry its not better news and i hope you can sort it out"

My regards


Answered 8th Aug 2012

Who enforces the garauntee? What was the substrate that was rendered onto and what product have they applied to your walls? These are important questions to give the best answers to enable you some way forward. If the builder can't /won't help or advise it may be a long winded battle with little results, if you have no joy with some kind of compensation then maybe you could have it patched then high build the whole house. It could be more cost effective with nice results.


Answered 15th Sep 2012

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