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Builder failed to deliver contracted building regulations and inspection

We commissioned a new garage with a building firm, including the requirement for him to appoint a building inspector to carry out the appropriate checks during the build. We have since found out that at no point during the build was a building inspector present to sign off at the appropriate points and that, in fact if he did even appoint a BI at no point was the Building Regulations Package been filed with the Local Authority. He was due to start a second phase of the project on the main house but given this performance are we within our rights to terminate the contract?

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There is no mandatory requirement to register a garage for inspection by BC. However, if this was stated in the contract by you contractor, then it should have been carried out.
Regarding contractual obligations, you can terminate the contract at anytime, just follow the guidance set out in the small print.
If it's a set of terms composed by the contractor, it really doesn't mean anything in legal terms.
If the trust is lost, then bail now and be patient whilst you look for a reputable contractor.


Answered 10th Aug 2021

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