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Electric heating

My new property only has electric and one old and bulky night storage heater.
I want to have decent electric heating but don't know where to start. How do I find out what is best for me?

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Don't assume , what you have is bad. Maybe that's best solution for your property. Wait couple of months and check how that works in the Autumn. Worth to get local electrician to check if is safe to operate though..


Answered 10th Aug 2021

Don't try to design a system yourself, or look at rooms individually with a heater. Employ the services if a specialist electric heating designer who will have access to a variety of options, including modern storage heaters complying with LOT20. So look at it as an opportunity to invest rather than an obstacle.


Answered 11th Aug 2021

I believe the most efficient electric heating is underfloor heating. Available for all types of flooring and nowadays relatively easy to install. Only downside is if floors are already finished.


Answered 17th Aug 2021

Ask a qualified electrician about air / ground source heat pumps or high heat retention storage heating.


Answered 26th Aug 2021

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