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Can downlighters be put into ceiling without having to take it down / new ceiling / flooring lifted in room above? is this easily done?

What can I expect to pay for a job like this putting in 9 lights (supplied)? Thanks

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Yes you can fit downlighters without taking ceiling down, as you have said floor boards are up.
The electrician will drill the right sized hole in the ceiling to take the lights.
As for a price, it would depend a lot on the length of supply etc needed and access for cables.
I am sure some sparks will be along later to give you some ball park figures.

Answered 19th Apr 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

hi ..yes it should be no problem ..the electrician will have to make quite a few holes to feed the cables{depending on which way your joist run} and then just make the holes good {suggest getting a plasterer to do this bit} past experience most electricians dont tend to make a good job of filling holes ..all in all {unless you have concrete ceilings} a straight forward job and with you supplying the lights ,you cant be looking at more then about £150 ..good luck

Answered 19th Apr 2011


Member since 30 Sep 2008

Hello castleking!
You have not to take down ceiling.Price for that job could be from 10 to 40Pounds to install each point(depends of area you living) and cost of materials, but you have to know that downlighters in most cases should be fire rated or covered with downligt covers(Buildings regulations).
Best way for you-post job on this website and you'll get quotes from professionals.It will be free.Or you can get a quote after an electrician visit your home.
Please remember, if it's special location(kitchen, bathroom etc.), electrician must be part 'P' approved .

Answered 19th Apr 2011

V.A.Electrical services

Member since 30 Oct 2010

the easy answer is no, usually the disturbance will be in the room above where the floor will need to be cut / lifted in areas as access to route cables through joists

Answered 19th Apr 2011

ABS Plumbing & Electrical ltd

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It can be done, however you will have to make a few extra holes to pass the cables through and then fill them up with bonding and filler.
Labour cost you should expect to be between £120.00 and £180.00
Also the lighting circuit should be protected by an RCD/RCBO if it does not have one already.
Hope this helps.

Answered 19th Apr 2011

V.H. Electrical

Member since 11 Apr 2011

Hi, yes this can be easily done from above as opposed to from below, depending on room size If you supply the light fittings the cable will be minimal and then possibly just a connection box for the exsisting cabling where the original light is. You could also save some labour time and take up the floor boards your self ready for the electrician to install the new lighting. You should also be aware any work done will need to be tested and certificated this in turn may mean the exsisting installation could need additional work for example the Main earthing conductor and or the equipotential bonding to the gas and the water main may also need to be address if they are undersized for the curret regulations. thanks

Answered 19th Apr 2011

D.Marks Electrical Services

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Yes they can be fitted, there will be some replastering required, but most electricians will be able to take care of this. Two things to ensure - 1. that the downlighters are fire rated if there is a habitable room uabove and 2 to ensuer that if on a dimmer circuit, the dimmer is suitably rated - 9 lights (say 450 watt) may well be above the 400 watt rating of the dimmer. To including cabling, labour and making good allow around £120.00 to £150.00

Answered 19th Apr 2011

Plan It Electrical

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It is not easily done, as the supply wires will need to pass thru joists, means holes need be made in them. Lifting of one floor board should be enought.

Answered 19th Apr 2011

Inphase Electricial

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downlighters can be fitted into a ceiling easily providing access can be gained from above,cost for fitting would be £140-£180, hope this helps Terry.

Answered 19th Apr 2011

tm property services

Member since 9 Mar 2011

This is a relatively straightforward job with normal ceiling construction, allow £300-350 for the work.

Answered 20th Apr 2011

Stephen Smith

Member since 21 Oct 2007

depends on the layout of the downlights and the direction of the joists.
Approx £120-180

Answered 19th Apr 2011

Morlec Electrical Services

Member since 19 Jan 2011

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