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What to do re roofing repair that did not solve leak

I recently paid a roofing company £180 pounds for the following work on a tiled (sloping not flat) 1st floor bay bedroom roof which was leaking in the corner:
fit membrane underneath roof slates
sealed gutter
sealed flashings along front door
sealed flashings on bay window
1 roofer did the job
this seemed reasonable to me apart from two things- the short time it took to do this repair (under an hour) and the fact that it is still leaking in the back corner and now also in the middle; last year the middle leaked and was sealed with bitumen which held well-could it be that the lead flashing was disturbed by the roofer so now I have my old leak again?
Also am not sure how this membrane could have been placed under the tiles without taking them off- although was assured membrane was fitted when I queried
Two roofers came out again when I said it was still leaking - the other roofer noticed my down pipe was clogged and unblocked it but said I needed new guttering/downpipe around the bay (£200 quote for this and that was the problem). So now I am 180 out of pocket with a roof that leaks worse than before. any adivce re type of work carried out and possible cause of leak? many thanks

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So many problems with employing builders to do roofing. One example was from Fibretech (If the water is entering during prevailing winds and rain then this may be due to the under tile felt being perished). The underlay is for draft only, What advise would he then give if the roof had the old lime and horse hair under the slate? The main purpose for underlay if for draft. I would go with T.R.M (Trevor) on this one

Answered 6th Jan 2013

Thorn Roofing

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Without seeing the bay it is difficult to give an exact diagnosis of the cause and remedial works required. If the leak is around the windows to the bay then it may be the guttering and downpipe that are backing up during torrential rain.

If however during normal rainfall you have rain entering then this may be the flashings (the joint between the roof covering and the external wall). If the water is entering during prevailing winds and rain then this may be due to the under tile felt being perished, in which case you will need to strip of the bay roof, re-felt and re-batten.

Answered 1st Aug 2012


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it is impossible to fit membrane without taking the roof tiles and lathes of, bitumin is really only a repair not a long term solution, the only long term solution for failing lead flashings is to replace with new lead the guttering may be blocked but unless it is broken will probably only need cleared. it is also impossible to say exactly what is the problem with your bay without looking at it. as for the work carried out by your previous roofers it is not really possible to say what they may or may not have done other than the fact the most definetly have not installed a membrane if they have not removed the roof tiles but this seems cheap for what they are supposed to have done like any building work if it seems to cheap its usually not done properly you only get what you pay for in this bet is post the job on here and get a local expert round to asses the problem/solution

Answered 4th Aug 2012

ADR Property Maintenance

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Hi My name is Trevor, i have been roofing for more than 30 years.
It seems to me that if the so called roofers only took 1 hour to carry out works to your bay.In my opinion they would not have had enough time to remove tiles,
take off splines,felt roof,relay tiles and redress lead.I would ask for a free quotation from another roofer to check over the bay roof, to see what work had been carried out.If work has not been carried out to spec, as you were told. I would inform trading standards. If you live within my work area,get in contact and i will take a look.
Kind regards.

Answered 7th Aug 2012

TRM Roofing/Builder

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