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Is a boiler enough? or we need a megaflow?

Hi - we are in the process of refurbishing our house. We have a very old boiler which we will be replacing. It is a three bedroom house and we currently have one bathroom, but will be adding a separate toilet on the ground floor. At the moment, if someone has a shower then we cannot use the taps in the kitchen as it disrupts the water flow and hot water capacity in the bathroom.

If we simply install a new boiler, will we be able to overcome this problem? If so, what sort of boiler do we need? We have also been told that a megaflow would answer our problems, but they are expensive and we are not sure that we need it at this stage given the number of bathrooms we have.

In the next 3-5 years, we may consider putting in a loft extension which would add another bathroom. If we did this, then we would rather put the megaflow in at this later stage so that we can fit it in the roof, rather than taking up valuable space in our kitchen. However, this will involve structrual work taking place in the loft from now to hold the weight of the megaflow (£££)

So my questions are:

1. Is a boiler alone enough if we have one bathroom and one downstairs toilet? If so, which sort of boiler would enable us to have more than one thing running water at a time?

2. If we need something extra other than the boiler, is there another option other than a megaflow that will do the job for us that is smaller/cheaper? (we currently cant fit the megaflow in our kitchen and to add it in the loft from now will involve structural work being completed there)

3. If we have an alternative installed, and then in 5 years decide to do the loft, would we be paying twice for something if we have to have the megaflow installed either way once/if we do the loft?

Many thanks!!

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Currently a high powered combi, vaillant 937 powerstore will be my recommendation, but i would try and get a mega flow/unvented in a good location as soon as poss this can be added to at any stage/radiators etc
two bathrooms always have unvented!
No problem with a mega flow in loft! if you post the job we can help you. lots of things to check and advise you on, you can of course view our profile and invite.

Regards Kieran
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Answered 3rd Aug 2012

kelly plumbing Heating & gas

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I would recommed, that should you decide to replace the current boiler, a 'system boiler' is fitted.Valliant, Worcester, (If the budget allows)

This would not adress the current issue of water volume vis a vis pressure !

This is why I gues a Pressurised cylinder, (Megaflow), HAS BEEN SUGGESTED TO YOU ?

If you plan to 'go uo into the loft', then a complete waste of money upgrading the current system traditioanlly !

I.E. Larger cold water storage / hot water cylinders / pumps.

If you install a system boilet first, (can be moved at a later stage, or with carefull planning even mounted into the existing loft-space) withouth underminning future loft extension plans),

This may provide a cost effective future prooff solution.

Kind Regards,

Adrian Hagger

southsea plumbing

Answered 4th Aug 2012

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fit a worcester combi 30cdi fi you fit a full bathroom in loft try the 37cdi a good heating enginer will work all this out for you morgan plumbing and heating

Answered 5th Aug 2012

roy morgan plumbing&heating

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