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How to install a window lintel


We had our single glazed wooden windows replaced with UPVC in Oct 2011. Our downstairs lounge window is 2400mm wide and has no lintel above. We were told repeatedly by our window fitter that one was not required.
We can now see the window starting to bow and bricks cracking above on the outside (no cracks on the inside).
I have had 4 builders round to look at the job and give me a price for putting things right.
2 say they would need to take the window out and put a lintel in, however the other 2 say that they could leave the window in place, take the soldier course and other loose bricks out and slot in an angle iron.
The prices are not much different, but I want it doing right.
If I can avoid the window being removed, it would save a lot of disturbance inside.
I just wondered if anyone had experience of a similar job and how they went about it.
Thank you very much

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yes you can put one in without removing the window. they will need to put 2 acros above window to hold the existing brickwork above.

Answered 2nd Aug 2012

crwbuilding services

Member since 9 Dec 2011

in our local authority people are entitled for a surveyor to give 45 minutes FREE.
We had a structural surveyors report on subsidence that turned out to be historic, but this information was vital. This was a Freebee. Make a few phone calls to some structural engineers, They will calculate the steel required, and secondly if you ever come to sell you have official paperwork to wave in the air.


Answered 2nd Aug 2012

pjb plumbing & heating

Member since 17 Apr 2012

yes the builders do not need to take the window out.
simply cut the silicone of the top of the frame/brickwork.
fit acro props to support brickwork above soldier course
remove enough bricks soldier course to allow angle iron to be fitted.
fit cavity tray and weep holes.
clean off and re use bricks if possible.
silicone frame to brickwork
job done

Answered 2nd Aug 2012

jd kent

Member since 14 Jun 2008

Hi , yes you can leave the window insitu you do need to remove your solider corse and any lose bricks then put in your lintel or 12mm flat stee painted primed,then I recommend you use brick thor on top of your solider corse to give some more reinforcement to the mortar and make sure all removed bricks are well beded and packed to stop when been put back, I hope this helps and make sure the person you hire has experience on this side of the job

Answered 2nd Aug 2012

keltic brickwork

Member since 13 Jul 2012

AS long as the builder uses acro props and strong boys to support brickwork above the window and the angle iron is of a good gauge of steel ie thickness and painted with red lead / galvanise to stop corrosion then i would leave the window in and take brickwork out done 100s this way and never had a problem or a call back.

Answered 2nd Aug 2012

jbs builders of distinction

Member since 19 Nov 2010

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