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Painting newly rendered exterior wall


I plan to paint a newly rendered exterior garden wall (50ft x 6ft high) and just want to get some advice on the following:

1) Will a good brush suffice to remove excess from the newly rendered wall or do I have to sand it? It's a fiarly neat job as it is.
2) What % paint water to use for the first coat? I have been told 70% paint to 30% water.
3) How many coats are recommended?
4) How long do you need to wait before applying each coat?

The wall is something we are going to have to look at every day so I want to get it right.



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1. I would use a scraper to remove any lumps of render that may stand proud.
2. Use santex water based smooth masonary paint and do not thin it down.
3. Min 2 coats and max 3 coats.
4. Leave 3 hours beteen coats.

Answered 28th Jul 2012

Proctor Decorating

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use a scraper to remove any unwanted lumps no need to sand the wall. any good quality masonary paint will be suitable don't thin it down at all. 2 coats should do it just make sure you really work the first coat into the wall with your roller.

Answered 30th Jul 2012


Member since 25 Jul 2012

Before you start remove all of debris from the wall. Never use PVA externally!!! First method is apply Sandtex fungicide on the wall to prevent the mould, after highly recommended to use the Sandtex stabiliser. When you treated the wall 2 or 3 coats to paint on (depend how cover the paint) so you nearly finish. After your paint dried,apply Sandtex Dirt Repellent,which is prevent from the dirt. Guaranteed satisfaction!!

Answered 25th Apr 2014

Painter Tom

Member since 23 Apr 2014


Answered 28th Jul 2012

CHIRO Alliance

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1) A scraper will remove proud render from the wall and then a wire brush will remove any loose particles from the wall.

2) Do not water any paint down. I'd use something like Johnstone's Stormshield Pliolite Based Masonry Finish. It's a solvent-based paint formulated for exterior use on cement rendering, rough cast, brick and concrete. It provides a smooth matt finish that has excellent adhesion to suitably sealed surfaces (your newly rendered wall...) The Pliolite resin enables application at temperatures down to -5ºC and becomes showerproof in 20 minutes, allowing all year round exterior decoration.

3) Any good masonary paint will suffice. 2 coats will be more than plenty as long as you have applied a good covering with the 1st coat.

4) As coats go, always read the tin. The manufacturer will put the time you should leave between coats. This can vary between different manufacturers. Rule of thumb is about 2-3 hours.

I hope this is of some use to you.

Answered 31st Jul 2012

Fusion Interiors & Exteriors

Member since 30 Jul 2012

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