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Decking straight onto grass

Hi all. Just a quick question. The tradesman we had round to install our decking has built the frame by putting the joists straight onto the grass. I now know how amateurish this was, however I was wondering realistically how many years will I get before the joists (which are pressure treated) start to rot? How many years will I get out of this decking?Thanks.

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If a heavy duty weed control was applied underneath it may last 8-10 years. It also depends how wet area gets. If joists have been laid directly on grass life span could be even shorter.
Installed correctly wood joists should last 15 years or longer.
Best solution would be to lift deck and put some slabs underneath, for joist to be away from touching soil.


Answered 3rd Jun 2021

Decking should never be on the ground even a small gap is ok to make sure there is air flow which will stop the timber rotting also a membrane should be laid underneath to prevent grass and weed growth


Answered 5th Jun 2021

I’m my opinion you’ll be lucky to get 5-8 years out of it. Also to add if no breathable weed sheeting has been used the grass will find the light through the decking boards and grow through!


Answered 5th Jun 2021

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