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House built out of plumb

I am considering buying an end terrace house approx 100 years old, it will be to rent to students however the house has not been built square and some of the rooms look visually triangular and are clearly skewed, there is no evidence of structural movement, the estate agent states that this is a regular occurance with houses built at the end , is this correct or am I being told bull ?

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There a couple of things to check has the house had a refurb in its life time?most houses of that time would have brick internal walls ie. (No plaster board)some were made out of stud work but small lats was nailed to the timber then Plastered over,check that to make sure if it has plater board someone along the line rebuilt it out of square, a house been out of square does not mean it has structural movement! Is the floor level does it dip into one corner, out of square house even back then do exist if there no cracks or movement it should not be a problem


Answered 15th Jul 2012

it hard to say with out looking at it but my general rule of thumb is if you think its bull or something not quite right walk away, or ask a trusted tradesmen (source your own don't use a agent suggested one) in to look most agents will allow this if they have nothing to hide, and most tradesman will provide you with a answer and a rough guide to how much it will cost to put right if needed,


Answered 15th Jul 2012

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