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I have posted a job on the site but I was wondering what is the general daily rate for gardeners/landscape gardeners around High Wycombe. Would be great to find out to compare the prices to

thank you

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Hi Ian,
I think the prices would differ between a gardener and a landscape gardener, the latter probably would charge more.
If you have placed your job, get at least 3 trades so you can show them the works, that way they will either give you a fixed price or their hourly rate.
If you take the average of the 3 rates you should be pretty near the expected costs.


Answered 17th Apr 2011

Hi Ian,
Really depends on the job, i am a qualified gardener with a HND in horticulture,plant science and botany, i would actually say its more expert and knowledgable than a landscaper, they may be able to lay patios and fit fencing as i do, but when it comes down to the pure gardening and plants side they do not often know their onions, i am based in Herts and charge £200 per day,i charge for what i think i am worth, that is for wotever the job is for a days work gardening or fencing or turfing, i think most guys hopefully charge accordingly to their knowledge,skills and service and standard they set themselves at, you truly get what you pay for in wotever you are seeking, my gardener freinds also charge from £170 per day to £200, hope this helps a little.


Answered 18th Apr 2011

Hi Ian
a job is based on skills required to finnish it
for a day or two work rate for a skilled landscape gardener is £180
but if your garden needs 5-6 days to finnish rate can come down to £150
so is good for all work to give to same skilled guy you have choosen after three quotes

best wishes


Answered 25th Apr 2011

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