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Ive just moved house and my washer will now not work

my washer will not come on, i have checked the usual, plug , fuse etc, it is all plumbed in but no lights come on, on the front panel, not sure what else to do, i dont feel confident taking the back off and the panel ,but not sure if there is a simply problem

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Pamela, the socket you are plugged into, does it work other things? plug in your kettle and test that socket, If still no joy, look for a fused spur/isolation switch somewhere above the washer maybe. failing that look at the Consumer board and see if one of the trip switches is down.
If the electric is on at the socket, then your machine has a fault. Post the problem as a job and you will get a tradesman to call.
Regards Mark


Answered 17th Apr 2011

dont take any covers off unless you are qualified to do so. try in another plug socket and try your hair dryer or lamp works in the socket you are trying out, if not advertise for a washing mashine engineer thanks A.BOOTH City Gas Services Birmingham Ltd.


Answered 17th Apr 2011

If your washer worked before you moved in, I would suggest you check that you have power to the socket that you have plugged the washing machine in.
If you do have power and the fuse is ok on your washer plug, then something inside has broke.
You will probably need a washing machine repair guy out, but I have found it cheaper to just buy a new machine.


Answered 17th Apr 2011

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