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Driveways & Paving

Printed concrete driveway - can it be laid over?

Anonymous user 21 March 2021 - 3.12 PM

We inherited a printed concrete driveway with our house which is at least 7 years old. It has a few cracks in it but they don't seem deep enough to affect the stability of the driveway. These cracks haven't got bigger over the past few years and can be filled. Is it possible, or sensible, to pave/tarmac over it or would it need digging out completely ready for a new surface?

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Country Manor Driveways
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Hi a brick border can be put around with 18 ml lip then Resin would be best option .


22 March 2021



Anonymous user

Hi its not recommended to tarmack on top of concrete, you can lay paving on top of the concrete driveway on a full bed of mortar as long as this does not leave your finishing level above your damp course not recommended indian sand stone is 30mm thick as normal pavers can be up to 40 to 50mm thick.. Also resin Bound is another option it would be best to drill holes in the concrete as resin is permable and this allows for water drainage. Before application of the resin it would be best to powerwash the concrete paving to remove dust muck etc and alow to dry before resin application.. hope this helps..


2 April 2021


Driveway and Patio Design

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imprinted concrete has a sealer applied to the surface dramatically reducing the bond ability of the resin. I would consider cutting expansion joints and install them in the new surface


7 April 2021