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Encapsulate artex ceiling

We completed asbestos tests on our ceiling. Low risk but contains Chrysotile. We only have an issue with cracks along the ceiling joists due to vibrations from household activity above. The testing company recommended we encapsulate the ceiling. How is this done and who do we ask for assistance/hire? Textured wave/swirls are in living room and 2 bed rooms. Hallway and kitchen I plan to overboard as the layer is thin and direct onto concrete block and beam ceiling joists. Thank you

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Any good builder will do this. Best way is to simply plasterboard over your ceilings. Can go straight over the artex too. Then you have a choice of getting a plasterer to skim over. Or cover joints with jointing strip and blend with jointing cement. ( method know as “tape and joint”


Answered 21st Mar 2021

over board and skim its the only way...


Answered 25th Mar 2021

If the artex is direct onto the concrete then the only option really is to build a frame, plasterboard and skim.


Answered 30th Mar 2021

I would frame over the original ceiling to allow me to overboard and finish to the owner requirements.


Answered 4th Apr 2021

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