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Need help working out how to obtain a national grid quote

Really need some help with this one and NG are only open when I am at work!!
I want to get my gas meter moved from the middle of my kitchen to outside the front of the house...where I feel there is space. My question is this:

What does the gas service pipe look like?
If it is the pipe in a grey casing outside the front of my house coming into the house would I need to pay NG to move it if that’s exactly where I want the meter to go?

Is the service pipe the wide pipe going into my meter with the stopcock thingy on??
If it is, do I have to pay for NG to move that pipe to the outside of the house - where I want the meter? I think the pipe goes through the house to outside...who would dig this up and remove it all - isnt that major building work??

And finally do NG only do work outside the house including removing and replacing the meter??

Thanks you all advice I get I really need to move the meter but feel like I need to be a gas specialist to be able to get a quote!



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You will need the help of a builder to do this. On the application form you will need to show where the meter box is at the moment and where you wish to move it to, in order to get a quote.

You will be expected if moving the meter to a box outside to dig the trench from the existing gas outside the house to the new meter box position. You will also have to purchase the white meter box and install it in the brick work outside with a lintel above. The gas company may come and inspect before the day given for change over and tell you what they want done.

On change over day they will isolate the gas, remove the meter from its current position and install it in the new meter box. They will then modify the new gas pipe to connect the meter.

They wont connect from your new meter to the exisiting gas circuit in your house, ie boiler , cooker etc. You will need a Gas Safe engineer to also be on site that day to do your house connection.

So to recap-

1. Fill out forms to get a price for moving the meter from supplier
2. Get a builder in to dig the trench and install meter box
3. Get a gase safe engineer in to run pipe from meter box to house gas system ready for change over day ( less work to do that day )
4. Change over day- meter gets moved
5. Gas safe enginner makes his house connections and tests
6. Builder back in to make good the trench / reinstate the ground.

Hope this helps. It is a pain to organise as really you need a building company with a gas safe enginneer to make it go smoothly


Answered 8th Jul 2012

MS Projects LTD

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if you need the meter moving then only the supplier can do this,then you will have to get a gas safe plumber to connect to your services. your supplier will give you a quote for the meter and any excavation work but you can do the excavation on your property and the quote will be adjusted accordingly,regards Terry.l

Answered 7th Jul 2012

tm property services

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