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Tarmac driveway laid in 2 stages and looks different in texture

Hi,We had a tarmac drive laid yesterday. The majority of it was laid then they ran out of tarmac. Came back two hours later and finished. There is an obvious difference in the first bit and the 2nd bit. The bit they came back to do is a different texture and much smoother and it looks like we have had a patch repair. The contractor says its a good job and it will "bed in" in about 2 weeks. We think its looks terrible and wont improve but is he telling the truth? Any advice will be greatly received. Thanks

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No, tarmac will not wear in the way it’s laid is the way it will stay, there should be no joints really, it demonstrates bad ordering/measuring I would question the foundations based on this kind of practise, check the base depths, topping depth, if it was overlaid check it was tack coated beforehand, any scabby parts will indefinitely fail within a couple of years.


Answered 12th Mar 2021

It definitely won’t bed in sounds like poor ordering from the contractor also if it’s different texture it’s either a different type of tarmac or one load wasn’t hot enough and will fail sooner I would ask for tickets of material to see what they have used


Answered 12th Mar 2021

Yes there will be a different look from the first layer to the second layer if its the same type of tarmac it should look the same and blend in and look the same but If its a different types of tarmac it won't blend in even where the first layer meets the second layer if its Don correct ly you should not see any patches or lines


Answered 25th Mar 2021

Hi just wondering did you get this sorted but to your question is no this is poor workmanship the final laying course needs to be laid in 1 it can be in multiple loads but has to be at the right temp to bind in when rolling but leaving it 2 hours is a no no and will forever look like a patch and of your saying it looks different they may have used 10mm in 1 part and 6 Mm in the other hence why it looks smother I would be asking the contractor to rip it up and start again.


Answered 12th Mar 2021

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