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Hikvision camera wiring

Hi there,

So basically I am trying to install a
DS-2CE71H0T-PIRL camera. This would of require one bit of wiring to connect to Dome camera and another bit to connect to back of DVR box.

I'm aware that if I use Cat6 cable I would need to crimp both ends to add on the right connections. Rather then take this path can I buy ready made ones. If so which supplier sells them. I require at least 5m. eg ebay, amazon etc....

Please get in touch if you can help me and thanks in advance 👍

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To install this camera you would need a RG59 shotgun cable, this cable is a Coax video cable but also has 2 cores to connect power. These can be purchased with the plugs and crimps on them. If you are running the cables in PVC conduit then you won’t fit the cable through. So the alternative would be to use Cat5/6 cable and then use a BNC balun at each end and a power jack plug that you can connect with 2 terminals. Any more help please get in touch.


Answered 10th Mar 2021

If you are wiring this camera in cat5 then you will need HD Bluns, they come as a pair. One end at the camera and the other at the DVR.
You would then need to use the spare cores as power. And a PSU is also required.

The other alternative is to use shotgun coax but will need a BNC attaching. Without the right crimps it is impossible. And again power is required.


Answered 10th Mar 2021

i will put cat 6 with RG59 or with video balun and power supply


Answered 15th Mar 2021

You can use cat 6 and use 2 cores with baluns on the end for the image and use 2 cores for the power if it's 8 core you can double up the ends


Answered 17th Mar 2021

to install this camera you will need a coaxial + power shotgun cable with bnc crimped ends
don't waste your time using cat5/6 with bluns you will find bluns do not last


Answered 27th Feb 2022

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