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What is wrong with my cold water feed in bathroom?

I have been having problems with my upstairs and only bathroom in my two bed new build (late 90s). It has the old fashioned heating/water system in with immersion heater for hot water in airing cupboard and cold tank in loft. I don’t know much about these things sorry.

Ever since we got new bathroom fitted there’s been problems. We wanted a power shower but the cowboys who came said the system didn’t need it (big mistake) had to have a salamander pump fitted in the end (more on this later). They also flooded my old boiler so now I have a new Valiant boiler which is actually a bigger capacity than is needed but no issues with boiler & heating at all.

Basically at first could not get cold water feed to come out of either cold tap or shower on low temp. It spurts and splutters a lot. Then goes to a bit of a trickle. hot tap is fine - no issues there.

Now the not only is the cold feed weak and spluttering it GETS REALLY HOT. So hot that you can’t even touch the tap. The shower stops working the minute you decrease the temperature on it because it’s literally at burning temperature. I cannot shower at all now due to this and limited to baths.

I have noticed the salamander pump also gets incredibly hot and takes ages to stop after useage. It’s got the point I’ve had to switch it off a couple of times for fear of something happening as the airing cupboard is in my bedroom. I wonder whether this is heating up the cold in its self or compounding the main issue.

I have also noticed once or twice the shower part of the system making a bubbling like boiling water noise occasionally too because the whole thing (it’s like a bar for the hot & cold feeds on side you turn for the two different shower heads and the other side is turned for temperature) because getting so hot. Very rare occurrence but still weird.

I am at my wits end with it, a different plumber looked at it twice then refused to come back and help fix it after the valves he fitted still didn’t solve the issue (although improved the pressure a bit).

My bathroom is now largely useless & now takes a considerable amount of time to actually maintain decent hygiene (I’ve noticed to not use the water for bathing anywhere near when it’s been heated). I’ve tried to lower the water temp on the tank but can’t anymore as it’s literally worn away (the little adjustment arrow thingy) it’s so old.

There is no issues with the bathroom sink taps or kitchen sink downstairs. Both work normally so I know it’s specifically to do with the feeds to the bathroom.

Please help. As someone with chronic health issues I cannot live like this properly at all.

It is NOT combi system it’s an old one where you heat water separately

Also no other taps are effected. Only bath & shower. Thanks.

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It sounds like the thermostat on your hot water cylinder has gone, this should stop the water getting overly hot.
It will be strapped to the cylinder with cord like used for net curtains check the temp on this is set at between 60* - 65* if it is already then it's dead and needs replacing.


Answered 7th Mar 2021

with this amount of problems you should consult a qualified plumber ( ask to see them min nvq 2) also check he is insured, look up ciphe they can recommend a registered plumber in your area, unfortunately anyone can call themselves a plumber in this country with no qualifications and very little plumbing knowledge.


Answered 27th Mar 2021

Yes the cylinder stat would cure the over heating but not the lack of cold water.. need to trace the cold supply back and see what’s going on.. is the rest of the house cold water ok? Is the other bathroom cold supplies ok such as toilet and basin?


Answered 13th Mar 2021

Firstly the new valiant boiler you had recently installed is this a combination boiler or does this still heat your water via an additional cylinder,I would need to no first before I could comment on the fault you are experiencing if you have a combination system and boiler you would not require a pump as all the water to taps and shower are fed from the mains water you should have good water pressure to all providing the mains water to property is good and should be 2bar minimum


Answered 27th Mar 2021

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