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Fixing skirting to sloping walls

I live in a top floor apartment with sloping walls (roof space) and I have had the old skirting boards taken off to be replaced by new ones and in the process the plaster broke off and now that new ones have been fitted there is a large gap above the new skirting and nothing behind for me to use as a base for filling the gap as this is an angled space where the wall (roof) meets the floorboards, how can I fill this void so I can fill the gap then plaster down to the skirting.

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You don't say how large the gap is, but I would suggest that you need to fix plasterboard to studs. If the gap is less than an inch or so then use timber above skirting. Expanding foam will need to back against something to work and being a loft you could use a hundred tubes of foam and not solve the problem.
Finally you could finish with decorator's CAULK, not cork.
Good luck.


Answered 8th Jul 2012

expanding foam


Answered 6th Jul 2012

sounds like u need too just fill the skirts with cork? let me no how it go,s


Answered 7th Jul 2012

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