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QuestionReplacing a Wooden Door Lintel

Hi I have a wooden lintel above my exterior back door which is rotten and needs replacing. Please could you confirm how long this would take and what would be required?


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Hi, this is hard to say with out seeing it, need to know lots of things best get builder in to have a look see whats what kind regards colin.

Rigsby Property Maintenance 3rd Jul, 2012

This should only take 1 day max, firstly drive a wedge (piece of wood above the lintel on the vertical mortor line causing the brick to be pushed left and right, this will help reduce movement if the brick work is old, use a angle grinder to free the lintel and brick being as carefull as possible, when free clean the area were the lintel will be seated so it sits on smooth brick. If the lintel is not level use slate tiles to bring it up to level then simply put back the missing brick and repoint not forgetting to silicone seal between the new lintel and the door. Simple.

Con-techuk 4th Jul, 2012

Hi ,you would require a small amount of sand ,cement and plaster. The central brick about five or six course above the door would need to be removed inside and out (or blocks).Then all the brick/blocks in a triangle formation below the first brick/block.Then the lintel would be replaced with a catnic lintel.The brick/blocks would then be rebuilt and made good.A full days work, at least, for two men.Depending on dynamics of the job we might have to hire some acrow props and a "strong boy"(an angled piece of metal used to hold up brick/blockwork).

wood enterprises 4th Jul, 2012

A lot of it depends on your experience ability and the tools available.

A proffesional builder that you may find here could do the job in an hour.

However the making good could take a little longer.

SBS Ltd 5th Jul, 2012

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