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New wired high resolution outdoor ptz camera

I'm looking to replace my old dome ptz camera, I bought it years ago and picture quality is bad now, was OK back then but bad now.

Wanting something that's good enough to read a number plate etc from 20m and good day and night.

I have a swann dvr system and dome camera needs to be wired like old style not IP camera.

Any recommendations?

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Hi there,

2MP with 20x zoom PTZ BNC and power with data so you can control the ptz from the DVR. You will need to find the right Protocol. Depends on how old you DVR, if it’s an old DVR it will not take the new PTZ. You can find out what format the DVR will take from using the model number online. All the new camera and ptz are able to be changed to the right format. The camera I install I can changes the format to suit the DVR.
Hopefully this help you


Answered 11th Feb 2021

Best to Use Hikvision and buy a 4mp ptz as quality is 1000 times better than Swann!

Swann is cheap and many cameras wont work on it such as a different branded PTZ protocol wont be accepted.


Answered 13th Feb 2021

Hi, before you proceed with a camera replacement you have to consider basically 3 important aspects.
The resolution your DVR can support
The resolution of your PTZ camera
And also compatibility.

The resolution of your DVR is important because it will define the limit of megapixels you can use for a camera so for example if your DVR just support 2 Mpx you won't be able to get 3Mpx cameras.

The resolution of your PTZ camera also as the Protocol and the video technology will play in the quality you are looking. It is better to first Check the technical specs of the camera and contrast with the DVR. Full HD PTZ cameras will do the work always as I said, comparing compatibility.
There is not a definite answer to your question but I hope this can give you an idea of what you need to find before proceed with the replacement.


Answered 14th Feb 2021

Would ask what they really want from the camera as they are saying 20m there would be no need for a PTZ for that distance giving a price saving


Answered 27th Feb 2021

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