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General process to get a new kitchen fitted

Can someone please advise...what are the typical steps i should expect to get a kitchen fitted - from quote to finish? Not looking for specifics just a rough overview of the process and expected timescale.

Many thanks!


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Well as always situations will vary but as an outline only the steps you should expect are as follows:

1. Look around to get a feel for quality and prices, then set a realistic budget.
2. Select a reputable individual or company to buy from.
3. Discuss and decide on style and design, this can take 2 or 3 meetings.
4. Ensure that who you deal with is able to arrange and co-ordinate allied trades such as plumber, electrician, gas fitter and so on, you may also need a builder if any alterations are needed.
5. Place your order, a deposit will be required, you should then get a delivery date and from this either you or your supplier should arrange all preparitry work to be finished before this date ( if possible, depends on the scale etc.) Also the date for the fitters to start can be arranged at this time.
6. When fitting starts, ensure your supplier has arranged for a skip to be delivered, as a lot of rubbish and waste is generated, old kitchen, packaging etc.
7. When fitting is completed and you are happy with the results, settle the final invoice and enjoy your new kitchen.

It is, as I said, different from one supplier to another but that would be the general format, the big diy chains will do things their way and usually take a bit longer than the independants, but all will offer a good service, to avoid the bad apples you might want to post the job here, then you know you'll get a good service.

Hope this helps.
Simon Matthews


Answered 15th Apr 2011

Find a local expert company with testomonial letters and references the design phase is pretty simple pick the colour and the door type and the worktops with list of appliances, place your order , remember the kitchens will only ever be as good as the care taken fitting it by the fitter

installation process
1) rip out half a day
2) re wire up to 2 days
3) re plumb half a day
4)fit kitchen 3 days ish
5)fit appliances half a day
6)test and commission 2 to 3 hours
7) wall tiling day and half

Find a good fitter ask for references and follow them up , never pay in full untill its finished golden rule !




Answered 12th May 2011

I can't speak for everyone else but firstly I make a visit to find out what you have in mind and talk through any thoughts we both might have.
Then I would send a planner from my suppliers who will measure and discuss what you want, (there will be no sales talk and no pressure).
He will then send you some pictures of what the finished kitchen will look like
and send me a plan and the cost of supplying the kitchen.
I will then send you a quote for the complete job, including fitting, electrics, gas, plumbing and tiling.
If you are happy, then it is up to you to contact me (no pressure and no obligation).


Answered 15th Apr 2011

Expect a charge of around £ 1500- that seems to be the starting rate for most Kitchen refits.Skips Tiles Plaster finishes are at an extra cost.
Make sure of rooms sizes if things are tight
Electric layout and a good planned layout.
Good luck.


Answered 16th Apr 2011

For an average size kitchen it will cost about £1,500 and take about four days.
This would include a certificate for electrics and plumbing.
You need to have the entire kitchen including appliances on site.
If there is any plastering to do it should be done prior to kitchen fitter.
Chris rice from Sutton is very good. He is on His business is called just kitchens and carpentry.

Good luck


Answered 15th Apr 2011

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