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My cast iron guttering has a leak. replace or fix leak.

My cast iron gutter has a leak. Would it be easy to fix? I’ve had a roofer use a sealant before, but the leak has come back. I think the leak is in the joint. The other issue is that the gutter is connected to my neighbours roof, which I can see would be an issue.

Thanks for all the replies, certainly educated me.

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Keep the peace between neighbours.
Yes, the joint can be cleaned and re-sealed this should solve the problem.
However, if there is a hairline crack in the joint this may have to be replaced.


Answered 24th Jan 2021

Never been of fan of using sealants especially in an external situation like roof line products or roofing . I would always recommend repaclement , anything else would be a short term repair


Answered 25th Jan 2021

I’m recommending to change the iron gutters to the plastic with proper levels and underly support trays :)


Answered 25th Jul 2022

If the gutter has a hairline crack you can use a paint or spray sealant to seal it as the joint just needs a clean and a mastic applied.


Answered 13th Feb 2021

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