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Home buyers report has a few concerns about the roof looking for some honest advise

Hi there,
Moved into our very first home! Had a home buyers report done just to see if anything needed looking at. The report has come back with possible issues I've copied the exact bits from the report. Just want some honest advise to what the next steps are I know not always accurate without seeing the roof!

"he main sloping roofs are covered with slates. The additional front bay sloping roof is covered with tiles.
The flat roof over the rear loft conversion could not be seen in detail but based on the edge detailing I believe it
has a felt covering. The nature of this element is such that you should arrange for a more detailed inspection to
be undertaken before purchase.
Some of the slates are damaged, cracked, uneven and have slipped , localised repair is needed.
The roof flashing to the front tiled bay has been repaired with self adhesive tape. This can only be regarded as a
temporary repair and a more permanent repair will be required.
The main slate roof coverings are approaching the end of their life and ongoing repair will be required until such
time as the roof is replaced.
Insulation and ventilation are important elements of flat roof construction; it is not possible to determine their
provisions without the loft conversion roof structure being opened and therefore this should be checked the next
time the covering is replaced."

This is only an orange and risk 2 not 3 on the report but how long until this will need replacing?

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Without looking at the roof it is impossible to comment, you need to contact roofers to come out and do a more detailed survey report for you, this normally costs from £100-£250 depending on location and size of the property.

You can get local roofers, directly from this site by posting a job lead.

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Answered 22nd Jan 2021

Good evening,

From your description only, it doesn't sound like you've got much to worry about right now. I would make preparations for repairs to be done before next winter hits you, however.

Typically, once elements of a roof start to fail due to age (it sounds like this could be the case with your roof), you will be chasing your tail for a matter of years, replacing bits and pieces and paying usually more for small amounts of maintenance work over time. Slates are notoriously tricky to 'fix' once they start to fail. You have to install a lead strap (or copper is preferable) to hold the slate and that's it, the slate is being held in place with a strap. This works fine but if any of the damaged slates are higher up the roof and not accessible from gutter height, typically a roofer will lay a roof ladder onto the roof which I can almost guarantee will damage more slates (if they are old, they will be thin and starting to shale, further weakening their strength).

With regards to the flat roof, if it's not leaking, leave it alone for now.

Lead flashing on the small bay window is a nice little job that a local roofer will be able to fit in 1 day some time and will not cost the earth. I do not know measurements of the bay window/lead flashing so cannot provide a 'rough price' for what it would cost should you live in my area nor can I determine access requirements etc but this is not a big job.

I would begin looking for a reliable roofer in your area to come and carry out the lead flashing replacement on your bay window and while they are there, ask them to provide you an honest opinion of the overall condition of the main roof.

Feel free to get in touch should you have any further questions.

Best regards,



Answered 22nd Jan 2021

I would look at the rest of the houses down the street. If over half have new roofs. Then you would be looking at replacing the roof sooner than later. But you Description of your roof sounds like you will be replacing it


Answered 22nd Jan 2021

If it was local to me I would inspect and give quote for free. Judging on what your saying I would say its nail dead .
Nails in batten have deteriorated


Answered 26th Jan 2021

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