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Clear water tank found with dead animal

Anonymous user 16 January 2021 - 1.53 AM

My fish water tank on the garden in London was found with an dead dogs and this was removed. Now i would like to get rid of water tank, but not sure how to dispose this water?. One of the trader said, he can flush this water into septic tank. But not sure is this an correct process and whether this water would be flushed out of my property in few days later or otherwise would cause an pungent smell within my property boundaries?. Please advise best way on how to clear this water?

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I would tip the water in a Concealed container and disposed of its at a waste station in the proper manner


17 January 2021


Fencing UK
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Hire an industrial pump, run hose from pump into main sewer manhole. Start pump. Drain pond , Fill hole with crushed stone. Top soil over . Grass seed or turf. Good luck.


17 January 2021