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Strange smell coming from kitchen sink.

***EDIT*** Thank you for your replies. Managed to find out the problem that the waste pipe was too long therefore, bacteria was forming at the pipe and sitting. Pipe got cut down (stench from excess pipe was horrendous!!), hopefully that's the end of the matter.

Thanks again all

Hi, I'm looking for advice. Recently, my kitchen sink is giving off a strong odour. It's like an egg / methane type smell. I had the manhole cover checked at the driveway and there was a little blockage. That got removed, but the smell still remain. Just wondering what the problem could be? All the other sinks in the house does not have this odour, just the kitchen sink.

Thank you in advance.

3 Answers from MyBuilder Plumbers

Well problem is .
You still have rubbish food on your sink draining pipe ..
I recommend washing the exhaust pipes.


Answered 12th Jan 2021

you still have a partial blockage in waste system causing the trap to syphon out, and letting the smell from the drains past the trap.


Answered 12th Jan 2021

Remove the sink trap and remove old food deposits that may be left there also clean out waste pipe leading to the drain.


Answered 9th Feb 2021

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