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Over the top extra kitchen fitting charges from nowhere!

To all the experts who have commented.
I am a bit in shock about the floor was 38 sqm in total. So lets just say I think he may of already had his fair whack out of me.
When I received his extras bill I did write formally to him outlining my concerns about what was included in the kitchen quote & requested a breakdown, explanation as to why the extra tiles & why he had purchased them without my authority & against our usual best practice system for materials.
I know he wants to come round & brow beat me but I will stand my ground: no paperwork, no negotiation & I have told him I am not even prepared to meet up unless he produces the receipts first. Even if he did produce a receipt, what happened to extra tiles? I didn't see many breakages & I had had the floor measured by him, another tradesman & the tile company?
Big learning curve for me, getting too familiar & allowing myself to be talked round.
Next time I do a job I will come to a site like this for professional help.
PS as for the kitchen company planner who recommended him it turns out she is the girlfriend of his labourer.
Gosh what a klutz I feel !!!

In answer to the gentle man who asked about size ... the existing kitchen was brand new so we used most of the existing carcass's in situ but changed some to take appliances & make the centre island bigger. He did not have to do anything to the top-line units other than fit a new plinth & 2 side panels either side of the run. My husband did all the electrics (he is a Electrical safety consultant). He did however move the washing machine. I would say he handled about 12 base units tops but changed the door & handles on 18 units in total/ then just added handles to existing draws x 3 sets (they were the same style door but we had to replace to incorporated the holes for the new handles). As part of the price of the job he was asked to fit oak worktops, however I actually changed that & had a specialist firm come in to fit granite on the tops & up the walls. He did fit the inset sinks , in the same place the old sink had sat.

We do have quite a wow factor barn & during the whole mini refurb I would get differing tradesmen quotes eg to paint the sitting room ranged from £200 -£4000 (me supplying paint) & I wondered if people think "she can afford it, I'll try my luck" However just like anyone else I am on a budget. This kitchen guy made me feel I was in safe hands & now I feel a bit of a fool. He was 3 times the price of another quote to tile the floor but he made noises about the floor being uneven & how a less experienced tradesman could ruin the tiles, so I trusted him & decided to pay for quality. When he turned up to do the tiles he had bought himself a brand spanking new tile cutting machine & my husbands theory he may want to recoup his money back for that?

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Firstly you must have a massive floor for £3,000 labour only tiling that works out at about 100 sq m. You are totally right in not paying as although the work is clearly good, the billings are very unclear.
I feel he is trying it on, but I do not understand why. He is recommended and is good at what he does.
I would resist paying for anything more. If he were to take you to court, he would need to supply a clear breakdown of costs and a contract.
Let him do the worrying and ignore him.

Answered 14th Jun 2012

Bates Carpentry and Building

Member since 23 Jun 2011

No doubt, somebody is trying to rip you off.
The figures sound extortionate. Can you post back an idea of kitchen size, no. of units,worktop mitres /cuts, tiling sqms. I'm sure fellow MyBuilder bods can produce comparatives /an idea of price. Plinths and panels if included from the outset will always be in the kitchen fit price,,moving rads too ( not hidden!).
You not having paperwork isn't good, always ALWAYS get a formal quote, breakdown of costs, schedule of works as that protects you and protects the builder.Definitely DON'T pay him for the tiles, why the extra? 15sqm short /damaged /missing or pinched?
Did you pay him cash?....Pursue him,make a formal complaint to Trading Standards & Inland Revenue...

Answered 15th Jun 2012

Simon D Farrell

Member since 1 Jun 2012

He could have mislaid the receipts but bottom line is you are being taken for a mug. The price for the kitchen does not matter if it is high or low. What matters is he is ripping you off and you need to report him to anyone you can i.e trading standards. Do not ignore him though as these people only go away when they think they are getting nothing or when the heat is on them. be firm and polite and just say no.

It is also nice to hear someone say they paid more because they thought they were getting quality. This is usually the case but unfortunately this guy really has ripped you off. Best action now is to not to meet him but tell him to sling his hook or you will involve the police. If he continues to bother you for money call the police and have him done for harassment. Make a formal complaint to the kitchen company too as they may not be aware this girl is bringing their name into disrepute by recommending such people. They may not be aware of it. I wish you luck.

Answered 15th Jun 2012

ibuild building services

Member since 28 Jun 2008

This bloke may have done a nice job with the kitchen fitting but he is definitely a highwayman. £3000 labour for tiling is obscene. How big is your kitchen,about the size of a football pitch? How can he also need an extra 15m of tiles.Who worked out the floor area, a 5 year old? All extras and required materials purchased should be discussed as the job progresses and it is VERY unprofessional to produce bills like this especially without showing you the extra materials receipt.Its up to you how much of this you pay but he is DEFINTELY trying to take you for a ride.

Answered 14th Jun 2012

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

Hi without knowing the size or details of your kitchen, £2000 maybe fair if he has charged £3000 labour to lay tiles (it must be a 75 square metre kitchen even if he charged £40 per metre which is high) i would ask for receipts before giving any mor money, re the extras he can charge for moving rads but £1600!!! Ask for a breakdown.

Answered 14th Jun 2012

rcm carpentry

Member since 7 Apr 2010

Hi, unfortunately these "rogue traders" are the kind of people who make all of us genuine traders very angry indeed and make the honest members of the public very wary .
You are right to stand by your guns - he is attempting to rip you off - and unless your floor was the size of a football pitch already has done!
From what you say his list of "extras" is totally out of order and is all part and parcel of fitting a kitchen which he would have known before.
If I were you I would talk to your local Trading Standards and let him know that too!
Stick to your guns and don't allow him to intimidate you in any way,best of luck.
Andy Young

Answered 15th Jun 2012

AY Installations

Member since 12 Aug 2008

He is a conman, and without your prior knowledge and agreement no extras are due to be paid for. He is trying you on just because he has assessed you as a soft touch. Tell him to go away or you will call the office of fair trade and report him. If its not in writing he hasn't a leg to stand on in court and he won't go near one as he knows what he is up to.

No receipts means he is lying, as is telling the tile store not to talk to you.
Good builders are open about all their dealings and tell you the cost before they start as they don't like the mess it cause if they don't.

Tell him he is getting nothing else and to leave you alone or you will report him, be firm.

Answered 15th Jun 2012


Member since 3 Dec 2010

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