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Off property cracked foul water line

Dear Tradesmen,
a CCTV survey has identified a crack on a foul water Vitrified Claypipe leading from a manhole on my property to the main sewer. The crack is OFF-PROPERTY by just 1.3 meters but I am not able to repair this as it is NOT my asset. I am concerned that should the pipe collapse this will affect me as foul water cannot flow through the pipe and may jam back up into my drainage system. Please can you let me know if I need to find a way of addressing the issue or if it is safe to ignore as this part of the pipe does not belong to me.
Thank You

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Contact your supplier for water and drainage , then they should attend to fix it.


Answered 29th Dec 2020

The local water authority should cover that, if it is off the property it is their responsibility to sort it out, they should be able to sort it out as an emergency.


Answered 29th Dec 2020

Contact your local water authority and explain the situation and that the pipe is collapsed / cracked beyond your boundary. This becomes their responsibility to uphold and maintain.
Pass on the survey inspection report to them as evidence also .


Answered 16th Jan 2021

water, electricity, gas and sewage outside the property is the responsibility of the supplying company, I do not say to ignore you should at least alert the competent authorities to verify the situation


Answered 29th Jan 2021

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