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Multipoint lock door

We have a self locking composite front door (installed last year) that has recently started with an issue. It opens fine and shuts fine from the inside (turning the latch as you close). It however looks like one of the hooks engages too early, causing it to crash against the frame.

Is this a most likely problem with the mechanism or door alignment?

Just to clarify a point. There is no door handle, just a door knob to pull it shut with.


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Most likely just an alignment issue. With the door open if the handle lifts up and down and the hooks move in and out smoothly then you would know for sure thats its the alignment. Can usually be solved with a few adjustments to the brackets. Alternatively if the brackets have already been altered and there's no further room for adjustment then the next step would be to alter the keeps slightly.


Answered 25th Dec 2020

It sounds like an issue with the connection of the hooks to the gearbox, could be an alignment issue as well. Without seeing the issue could not confirm for sure


Answered 22nd Dec 2020

Sound like a faulty mech , get a few of those mechs failing like that


Answered 22nd Dec 2020

Need to see job to say what the pr is could be a number of things


Answered 24th Dec 2020

If one of the hooks is striking the keep, it is one of two problems (but never rule out the alignment).
1. The gearbox is failing (unlikely) or
2. The mechanism has slipped due to not being correctly fixed to the gearbox.
Either way I would contact a reputable locksmith to check it out.


Answered 28th Dec 2020

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