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Ikea vs wren kitchen installation

Hi All
I am looking to get a new kitchen and after going to multiple places I have narrowed down to either purchasing from Ikea or Wren. The 2 quotes are very close in terms of price and I understand that Ikea cabinets need a bit more work to get installed. I would like to understand from tradesmen whether their dislike for Ikea kitchens is purely related to that? Or are there other issues due to which they dont like Ikea? If yes, please advise.
I really like some of the functionality that Ikea is providing to me which Wren is unable to, so I am leaning more towards them. However, I also dont want the cabinets to start peeling in a couple of years so would like to understand about their quality in comparison to Wren.

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I have installed both wren and IKEA kitchens, wren kitchens are standard fit with normal wall brackets and plinth, are generally painted doors(won’t peel) and rigid built, quality is also quite good, prices are extortionate. IKEA kitchens use a rail system to fit wall units which is ok if walls are straight, there isn’t any adjustment to move nearer the wall, plinths are very small(70mm from memory) bigger cupboards but can be problematic if floor levels are high, it is also difficult to clip on, thickness of cabinets and doors are very thin(15mm) compared to almost every other kitchen, backboard is also very thin which becomes a problem when storing pots or plates after a couple of years, hinges are screwless which are ok if they work first time, if not it bursts the cabinet. In summary, I would recommend staying well away from IKEA and stick with wren if you can afford it, hope this helps.


Answered 16th Dec 2020

I have installed several IKEA kitchens. If you know what you are doing then they are pretty straight forward.i havent installed wren so i cant comment on there kitchens but i can imagine that installing them would be the same ikea is all flat pack and usually have to order each individual part witch have to be assembled but you can get made to order my advice on ikea kitchen is that there worth there money and last a long time if build professionally and if something dose happen to every brake well it not hard to replace it


Answered 14th Dec 2020

Go for wren better quality and a lot easier to fit


Answered 14th Dec 2020

We have fitted many of both brands. Wren win on both points, hands down. Their quality and panel/door thickness is greater than IKEA and you will also find the few of us who actually for IKEA kitchens charge more as it takes longer to install due to flat pack and IKEA off spec cabinet sizes etc. Personally I do like some of the innovations that IKEA offer but would also not fit one in my kitchen.


Answered 16th Dec 2020

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