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Plastered light switches and plug sockets. (and a few other questions)


I've just had my bedroom replastered - walls and ceiling skimmed. Some area of plaster had "blown" around the window, which was filled in. Generally the work looks and feels great. However, on closer inspection, it is clear they didn't remove the light switch or sockets (or the scraps of wallpaper behind them!).

The plug sockets are not so bad as I have managed to prise them from the wall without too much damage - I guess it will need a tiny bit of filler on some edges when it's dried (job done yesterday).

However, the light switch has been coated around the edges and I cannot get it off, without fear of ripping lots of plaster off with it. My first thought is to try and scrape off the dry plaster and hope not to do too much damage. If I do this, how can I "clean" up the edges? Should I wait until after I've applied the "mist coat"?

Also, how long should I wait for the plaster to dry before decorating? I was told a couple of days, but looking at this forum, some have said a few weeks to paint. My brother is coming round to do the painting, and add the skirting, doorframe and windowboard.

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All houses have different drying times for plaster. I always wait 7-10 days. Once the plaster is totally pink its good to go. As regards the electrics, the plasterer should have loosened these prior to skimming, but to be honest with you rather than cleaning replace with new after decorating.


Answered 11th Jun 2012

I agree with substructure. Scrape it off with a scraper, it will come off. Or use a brillo pad.


Answered 12th Jun 2012

I agree with above. Houses have different drying times but 7-10 days should be about the going time. I always lift or remove sockets before plastering (I'm Part P).


Answered 12th Jun 2012

amateur plasterers in my opinion


Answered 21st Jun 2012

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