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Tape mesh and plaster edges visible after plasterer done ceilings.

Is this normal if we paid for two coats of plaster and now few hours after plasterer done his job it is clearly visible where plasterboard is joining and also in some places we can see mesh tape (not covered at all). The builder that was paid to do whole job just texted me he will hide this tape tomorrow but it doesn't seem like it should be this way.

Here are photos:

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Hi, the answer to your question. Absolutely not, if two coats of plaster had been applied you would not see the scrim. Looks like a poor attempt at one coating.


Answered 6th Dec 2020

First coat wasn't applied at corret thickness of 2mm. Then the final hasn't covered. The plaster has not been applied in the correct way.


Answered 6th Dec 2020

When drying out the joints where the plaster board meet will dry last and you will see them, if this is the case.
But to still see mesh (scrim showing) after plasterer, no this is not normal. Get it painted then see what it looks like.
Sounds like you have a decent builder as he’s making good the work done.


Answered 6th Dec 2020

hi the builder might have not used 2 tapered boards together he might have used 1 tapered and 1 not which might cause it to be uneven or he's just not filed his tape in properly on the first coat hope this helps


Answered 6th Dec 2020

To be fair the picture shows where fibre tape is not covered that can be easily covered and if studding is bowed this some times can happen me personally would of covered same day can’t comment on other work as no pictures


Answered 6th Dec 2020

gm plastering has answered I believe correctly,but it still isn't correct
If you're guy has used one tapperd one not he should of compensated for that with the first layer of Plaster saying that it's not the end of the world if the finish is still good.Can be dealt with by your painter with a bit of ammes or easy fill.
Hope this helps


Answered 6th Dec 2020

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