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How to get my tiles back to how they were before (stripped top layer using a strong cleaner)

(Restaurant floor)
A strong degreasing cleaner(industrial strength) has stripped the shine / top layer /colour off my ceramic tiles. Unintended, cleaned due to spilt grease!
Before - water would sit on top slightly and absorbe evenly into the tiles, they would wipe clean easily.
Now - if anything spills, it stains and doesn't come off easily, some parts dry super quick, others stay wet longer.

Is there something I can put on to bring them back to how they were before without ruining the grouting inbetwen?

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No not now they have been stripped.sorry


Answered 3rd Dec 2020

Being a ceramic tile and using an industrial strength cleaner, the top glazed protective coating has now become porous and will continue to stain and accept water. Unfortunately it is unlikely you will be able to salvage the tiles.


Answered 21st Dec 2020

You have made a big mistake you will need to take them up and renew


Answered 7th Dec 2020

Hi there,

Sounds like u have lost the shine bit of the ceramic layer. You can try to put lacker on top but I strongly recommend you to change tiles. Or if it getting always grease then you better of using industrial linoleum.



Answered 14th Dec 2020

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